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Useful Links

Partners in Resilience

Here's what's going on in Tom's office, Partners in Resilience.

Natural Mental Health

Resources for living a resilient life.

The Meditation Room

Click on these free links for instant soothing sounds and images.  BREATHE!

The Great Peace Giveaway

Peace grows when you give it away.

Happiness Test

Take free tests that determine how satisfied you are--and learn how you can be even happier.

This website was spawned from the book that inspired me to teach about happiness:


Known as the country's foremost relationship expert, John Gottman is the creator of the "Love Lab," in which he and his team study and track human interaction. Partnered or single, The Gottman Institute offers concrete ideas on making all your relationships work.

Heart to Heart offers two retreats per year. You and your partner will be lovingly guided through an intense weekend of conversations, and learn a format to keep you talking--without conflict.

Alcohol: How Much is Too Much?

Take a free test to determine if you're drinking too much.


View a wonderful talk from the man credited with bringing mindfulness to the masses, Jon Kabat-Zinn.


Find out about, take a quick screening inventory, and see how folks recover from depression.

Attention Deficit

Explore resources and connect with others with ADD/ADHD.


Learn the basics of what anxiety is, and what you can do about it.

Man Therapy

Mental health isn't only for one gender...