I've long been fascinated by what the happiest, healthiest people have to teach the rest of us. So I gathered three of the happiest people I know and asked them to share their  happiness secrets.  I also spoke with psychiatrist Henry Emmons, M.D, author of the bestseller The Chemistry of Joy. What emerged is a series of webisodes that reveal simple, everyday things we can all do to create more satisfying, fulfilling lives.

 The first addresses Relationships, and the second Mindfulness.  The third explores Resilience and Health.

Relationships and Connectedness

Here is my first Happiness Video: Relationships and Connectedness.

Meditation and Mindfulness

My second happiness webisode addresses Meditation and Mindfulness.

Resilience and Health

Dr. Emmons reviews the 7 Sources of Resilience, which provide the foundation for happy living.


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