Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Day that year was beautiful: mostly sunny, with the high near 40.  Glorious for Minnesota.

As I walked Candy, our Wheaton Terrier that afternoon, passersby seemed friendlier than usual.  While I was breathing in the delicious aromas of neighbors' holiday dinners, a bright maroon van pulled into the driveway just ahead of me.  The bumper sticker caught my eye.  It was sky blue with white clouds-the signature Ben and Jerry's logo.   "If It's Not Fun, Why Do it?" -Jerry Greenfield.

I was reminded of similar words of a friend years ago.  He would only do, he said, what is absolutely necessary.  Or what is fun.

While I don't always remember, whenever possible I try to apply that philosophy.  Do what I need to, and what is fun.

On the walk, I also recalled a dream I had one summer while in Vermont's Green Mountains studying Native American spirituality.  In it, I celebrated Thanksgiving with one of the Native Elders.  When I told her of the dream the next day, "Oh yes," she smiled and said with a gleam of joy in her eye, "It is wise to give thanks every hour."

I don't always remember that advice either.  But when I do remember, I pause, take a breath, and think about what I am grateful for.

Whatever you celebrate, this hectic holiday season, consider

  • Doing only what is necessary
  • Really having fun
  • Expressing gratitude

Sunshine, friendly neighbors, even bumper stickers can be worth giving thanks for.