Imagine a typical weekday morning at home.  Everyone has to get to work or school.  Someone has lost a shoe and is yelling for you to find it.  You yell back.  The other two children spar for the TV remote, noisily defending the merits of their favorite morning cartoon.  Your voice gets louder as you attempt to...

Minneapolis resident Jen Fischer is typical of the kind of person drawn to Tom Glaser's Your Happiness Project class.  Like most Americans, she was not depressed, not even unhappy.  But she knew something was missing. “Your class came at just the right time.  I can certainly say I am happier.”


By Tom Glaser and John Watkins
If you put twenty gay, bisexual, or transgender male parents in a room and ask them what it is like to be a child's primary care provider, brace yourself for the stories.  At "When Mom is Dad," a session at the annual Rainbow Families Conference in 2001, the emot...

The inaugural event features a workshop for therapists with Phillip Moffitt, author of Dancing With Life: Buddhist Insights for Finding Meaning and Joy in the Face of Suffering.


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