Collaborative Therapy Through Awareness and Experience

Tom Glaser is a licensed psychologist who has provided individual, couples, and group counseling and therapy since 1986. In addition to his Tuesday night group for men and women, Glaser sees clients individually, supervises mental health professionals, and teaches classes on many topics, including assertiveness, reducing anxiety, handling change and optimism.

His most recent class, Your Happiness Project, combines elements from some of his favorite topic areas: positive psychology, emotional intelligence, resilience theory, mindfulness training and more.

Glaser is also the host of the new show, The Living Happiness Radio Hour that debuted May 2, 2015, and airs on AM 950 in  the Twin Cities. The show is a joyful exploration of all things Positive Psychology, and uncovers powerful ways we can optimize our strengths, increase engagement, and live fuller lives of meaning and purpose. Here mindfulness, flow, resilience, and other essential components of the good life are made simple. The Living Happiness Radio Hour is part of Health Connections, a new station series.

Tom Glaser received his Masters degree in Community Counseling from Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minn.  With a background in management, personal and business coaching, and teaching, he now practices primarily in Minneapolis.

Tom helps clients in five key ways:



First and foremost, Tom listens deeply and actively.


Tom strives to fully understand what troubles you--and your strengths.


Tom supports you through the changes you want to make by:
•    Helping define your therapy goals
•    Giving pointers and feedback to keep you on track
•    Celebrating successes

Life Changing

As you experiment with new behaviors, Tom helps with three critical tasks:

    •    Reducing unhelpful behaviors and thoughts
    •    Increasing helpful thoughts and behaviors
    •    Expressing and releasing blocked feelings


Tom's active listening, wisdom, and humor help you achieve your goals and reach your highest potential.

Please Contact Tom and let him tell you more about the services he can provide.

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